Here at AmeriVac Group,
we have been designing
and selling hydrovac trucks
for over 20 years...


AmeriVac Group Inc.

Then in 2003, The AmeriVac Group Inc developed the first U.S. built mid-size truck-mounted hydrovac with a debris transfer system, the first of its kind in North America! This innovative debris transfer system allows the customer the option of blowing off the debris or utilizing the full opening back door.

We take great pride in offering our customers quality built TANDEM and SINGLE axle MAXVAX Hydrovac trucks and personalized customer care.

There are several industry terms in the market today for the process of hydrovacing. Whether you want to call it hydro excavation, vacuum excavation, soft digging, key holing, daylighting or... hydrovacing, it doesn´t make any difference. The end result is the same, you have used water to safely excavate the ground.

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